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Yehiwot Brehan Church of Ethiopia Development Organization (YBCEDO) is a faith based nonprofit philanthropic charity established in 1999 to deliver holistic service for the deprived and marginalized society to fill the development gaps that the Ethiopian government is striving to bring socially vibrant, economically self-reliant and spiritually vigilant society. YBCEDO is registered entity as an Ethiopian Resident Charity in accordance with Charities and Societies Agency proclamation NO. 621/2009 with a renewed certificate number 0549.

YBCEDO has a General Assembly which is the highest decision making body of the organization, while the board ofDirectorsdeal with directives and policy issues of the organization are comprised of qualified and experienced individuals from diverse background. The external auditor submits annual audit report to the general assembly. The General Manager of YBCEDO is a non-voting member of the Board Directors and supervises all the staff under him. Moreover, YBCEDO has the management team comprised of department heads led by the General Manager.

Since its establishment, YBCEDO has been addressing holistic services such as physiological, social, and physical needs of the targeted community. The major intervention areas are relief and rehabilitation, agroforestry and food security, child development&sponsorship,youth vocational training programs and SHG.  Currently, YBCEDO is operating in five regions of the countryand hasover160skilled staff members.

YBCEDO is active member of (CCRDA) Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association and signatoryof CCRDA code of conduct.

The pioneers of Swedish Philadelphia Church Mission (SPCM) in collaboration with the Church founders had undergone various development interventions including agriculture, forestry, health, education, vocational trainings, and sponsorship programs, particularly hostel program for pastoralists which was initiated by the SPCM was in 1992.

Latter after the establishment of YBCEDO as an autonomous development organization, has been able to carefully assess areas of competence in the field of development taking account of the vision and values, staff professional skills and organizational experience.

The core programs are;offering vocational training forwomen at risk living with HIV/AIDS, Child sponsorship and Child development, agro forestry & food security and capacity building training programs.

Currently, YBCEDO has working jointly with different partners in various interventions across the country. Moreover, PMU, ERIKS, OSTERSUND, CIE, CHC, PAOC, Lakarmissionen and Swedish Churches are playing vital role by supporting the needy people in Ethiopia in collaboration with YBCEDO.


To see an improved life of rural and urban communities of all regions of Ethiopia in socio-cultural, economic and spiritual aspects in a sustainable manner.


YBCEDO’s mission is to contribute to bringing a long-lasting change and improvement in the holistic life of the disadvantaged members of the community with more emphasis on children and women through integrated development programs with active participation of the community.

Core Values

  • Serving the whole person
  • Justice and equity
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Non-discrimination
  • Gender Sensitiveness
  • Learning and dynamism
  • Accountability
  • Ensured sustainable development
  • Participatory endeavor
  • Compliance with NGO code of conduct
    • Cooperation and Networking
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Respect for communities’ culture
  • Collective decision-making
  • Decentralization
  • Complimentarily
  • Persistence
  • Excellence and versatility

Focus Areas

  • Rural Livelihood Enhancement
  • Environment and Degraded Land Rehabilitation(Future Intervention)
  • Women Rehabilitation and Training
  • Capacity Building Training
  • HIV/AIDS Mitigation Program
  • Water Supply(Future Intervention)
  • Humanitarian Interventions
  • Agro-forestry and food Security
  • Child Sponsorship Program
  • Income Generating scheme
  • Health Interventions (Future Intervention)
  • Elderly Support (Future Intervention)

General Objectives

In fulfilling its mission, YBCEDO is aimed at improving the living condition of the disadvantaged and poor members of the community in its operational areas.

Target groups

  • Children
  • Women
  • Elderly people
  • Youth